The Wedding Photography Investment

Why does it cost what it does?

It’s a fair question for a bride and groom. In Charlotte, NC, the average cost for good wedding photography is $3,000. Another benchmark says 10% of a wedding budget goes to the photographer.  I believe it's worth it, and actually that photography is the most valuable investment of the wedding event. Here's why…

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Photography is how you'll relive your wedding…forever

To remember your wedding day, you'll go back to your wedding photographs again and again.  So will your friends, your parents, your grandparents, your children, and their children. My daughters love to look at our wedding album…! You and your loved ones, captured beautifully at your wedding really is priceless, and can transport you back to the emotions you felt on that day. Your wedding is the one occasion in your life when all the people you love in the world are in one place. Capture the experience, and capture it well.  

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Getting the photography right requires a pro

A professional photographer makes it look easy, because they've practiced it and done it many times before. A professional knows how to handle lighting challenges, pose the bridal party, capture key moments without fail, and post-process raw images into finished pictures that flatter the subject. Surprises come up in weddings - they always do - and a professional knows how to still make great images on the spot. There are no second chances.

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One wedding day takes several days for the photographer

The photographer's hours on the actual wedding day are just a part of what the investment in photography covers. The initial consultation, the timeline/shot list planning, the hours of equipment preparation/setup, and the travel happen in advance. After the wedding, two days of image review and post-processing are required to complete the images. Then its on to backing up, uploading, and delivering those finished images to the bride and groom.

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Professional equipment is essential

Professional wedding photography equipment is a huge expense for the photographer, but its what you want them to have. Trust me. It is high-quality, rugged, and built to work reliably… when there isn't enough light, when it gets dropped, when its bad weather, and when something special happens for a decisive moment and you can't have an equipment failure. And the photographer needs a back up for every piece of that expensive equipment. Every $3,000 camera body, every $2,400 lens, every $600 flash, every $60 battery, and the list goes on. The professional also needs insurance for all that equipment, and themselves.

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So that's why, my friends, I believe professional photography is the best investment you can make for your wedding. It’s the most important day of your lives, and you'll want to see it afterwards beautifully and creatively remembered in timeless images. My couples go back year after year to relive their weddings through our images, prints, and albums.  The investment is worth it!

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