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Creative Alternatives during COVID-19

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I've been helping my wedding clients and industry partners figure out the right next steps for them during COVID-19, and wanted to share some creative ideas we discovered together.  First, the good news... 90% of couples are keeping their weddings.  People are still getting married!  

Couples are creating meaningful celebrations under quarantine now, and looking to the future for bigger events.  

Here are four wedding formats to consider:

1. Weekday Wedding

Rescheduling the wedding date to a weekday to ensure their full vendor team is available on their new, rescheduled date. Plus, these days are often still convenient as an extension of the weekend for both traveling and in-town guests.  This option is great for couples who are looking to have a multi-day celebration or those who want to create their own long weekend. It is also a good solution for couples who want to get married with their original plan but as soon as possible.

2. Sequel Wedding

- For now, it's a "Quarantine Minimony" with the bridal party, sticking to social distancing. You just need the officiant (virtual can be an option), baker for a small cake, florist for a few arrangements, a photographer to capture the event, and a videographer to record and stream for virtual guests.

- For the future, it's the full-blown pageantry of a packed church and reception hall, or a big party to celebrate in style with a full guest list.  This is the change to bring your original wedding vision to life. Some couples are thinking of their postponed wedding as the "sequel", which I think is catchy.  And its something I wish I could have done with my wedding... it was an amazing time that I wish I could have done all over again.  

Pro-tip: The concept of a sequel wedding isn’t new, but given the current landscape it is increasingly being used.  Celebrities have always been fans of this format, long before COVID-19 was a thing!

3. Shift Wedding

Its a celebration with multiple small groups of people on the couple’s original wedding day by shifting either the time or location of guests to meet social distancing guidelines. Generally, this means one group of guests experience the ceremony and perhaps a small cocktail party and another group joins for the reception. This actually naturally happens at most weddings to some extent... family tend to leave early and friends tend to stay to the end. A virtual element could be incorporated so guests can experience “shifts” other than their own. This is a good option for couples who want to celebrate now and share the celebration with all of their guests.

4. Elopements

I know you guys know what an elopement is, but I do want to share a killer elopement guide from TheKnot, where I personally work with couple on their wedding plans.  Check it out!

If you're interested in talking more about your wedding format, please contact me.  I'm offering special packages geared towards smaller weddings, and can help you plan!

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