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My recommendation for great wedding videography

"Can you recommend a great videographer?"

When talking with engaged couples, its one of the questions I get asked most often. My answer is, "I highly recommend checking out Brian Bunn Films." Brian produces creative, beautiful wedding films that are favorites of mine. He's also a really nice guy that cares as much about the people he's filming as the film itself. It’s a key part of why his films resonate so deeply with clients, because he understands what's important to them to capture in their film.

I had a chance to catch-up with Brian recently, and put together a quick Q&A for you guys -

What sets Brian Bunn Films apart from other videographers?

Its Brian himself, with his personal touch, desire in meeting new people, and love of storytelling. He's the kind of person that you can talk to all day. He has a natural curiosity for understanding the journey people take get to where they are today, and then use that understanding to influence the video so that each film is truly custom

What locations does Brian Bunn Films cover?

Available throughout the greater Charlotte area, and also open to travel to destination events. Brian enjoys learning about other location and cultures, both inside and out of the U.S.

What is it that Brian loves about wedding videography?

He loves the real emotions from clients on the biggest day of their lives and capturing those for them in film. It’s the chance to make a difference in couple's lives, and touch them on an emotional level.

What are tips for couples to get the best out of their videography?

Talk to your videographer, to understand the videographer's style and how it will align their vision of for their wedding. Even a quick phone conversation is much more insightful into the videographer's ability to deliver your film than looking at their website. And good videographers will use these exploratory conversations to get to know you better and craft a story that really represents you as a couple.

You can find Brian at these locations:

   Facebook: @brianbunnfilms

   Instagram: @bbunn

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