About - michaelparks


I'm Michael Parks, and I'm a full-time professional photographer living in Charlotte, NC.  Thank you for visiting my site.
I love the art of photography, especially people photography.  I'm technically trained and use top-of-the-line professional equipment with fully redundant systems.  That said, making great pictures is about capturing more than rules and technology; it's about communicating stories and emotions that matter to my Customers.  And that's my focus - translating what's important to you into pictures.
I specialize in weddings and portraits.  Weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits, senior portraits, newborns, as well as professional headshots, are opportunities I cherish.  Charitably giving back to the community through Help-Portrait, Habitat for Humanity, and the church is also a priority.  My biggest priorities are my wife and two daughters.
I value serving others, working hard, and creating art that brings a little more light into our world.  If I can help you, please reach out to me via the contact information below.



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